Good Housekeeping's Top 7 Common Lighting Mistakes and Solutions

Lighting a space can be as easy as flipping a switch but creating an atmosphere using lighting within your space is a different story. Good Housekeeping's 7 Big Mistakes You Make Lighting Your Home touches upon several important concepts to create the perfect lighting ambiance.

1. Think in layers

According to Robert Gross, an architect at Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design, a common mistake is that "homeowners tend to light a room like they're hosting a convention - too much overhead light." For example, in addition to adding overhead lighting in your bedroom, you should also have table lamps which would provide a sufficient amount of light while also retaining the cozy quality of bedside lamps.  

Lit capiz tile shade in bedroom

2. Use dimmer switches 

According to interior designer Jeff Fiorito, "dimmers are the best-kept secret of lighting design". These switches create versatility with your lighting, allowing you to adapt to any time of the day, mood, and various events you may have. 

Lit counterchange fixture with dimmer switch

3. See where the shadows fall 

"In the bathroom, try sconces on either side of the mirror, instead of a single light above," says Erin Davis, of Mosaik Design & Remodeling. "Overhead lighting can cast shadows on your face." If using an overhead light, select a longer, horizontal fixture, with more than one lightbulb, to fully illuminate your face.

Lit capiz swirl shade in a bathroom

4. Pick the correct size fixture 

 "Fixtures often look smaller in lighting showrooms, so bring measurements," says Kerrie Kelly, home design expert at Zillow Digs.

Picking the correct size fixture isn't rocket science. To pick the right-sized chandelier, add together the room's height and width in feet. That number, in inches, should be the approximate diameter of your chandelier. In dining rooms, you should choose a chandelier that's one foot smaller than the table's narrowest width.

lit capiz tile above tan sofa

5. Position lamps at an appropriate height 

If you place a light too low, you might bump into it, and if you place it too high, you can be blinded by it! 

"The bottom of a pendant light should be 30 to 36 inches above a kitchen island," says interior designer Noelle Miceck.

women placing capiz swirl on the wall next to a picture

6. Consider a room's paint color

 "I painted my kitchen a grayish tan, and it caused the room to appear very dark," says home rehabber Jaquetta Turner. With dark painted walls, lights still won't give it an airy feeling, so make sure to use lighter-colored paint if you want an airy atmosphere in a room. 

7. Remember lights consume energy

Although CFLs and LED bulbs are more expensive than incandescent bulbs, they will save you money over time

Following these rules will make you a professional interior designer in no time! View our lighting page to see how Decorus Lighting products could help you with creating your interior design. 

Decorus Lighting diffuser swaps in a couple of seconds!

Special thanks to our source: Good Housekeeping's "7 Big Mistakes You Make Lighting Your Home" by Lauren Piro, March 20, 2015. Read the full article here


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