Designing the Best Space according to Multi-Housing News

Multi-Housing News conducted an interview with Jacqui McCowan of Sherwin-Williams to find out how to design a space that appeals to all generations. Here is what they discovered:

Picking the Correct Wall Paint Color for your Space

  • Spaces that have a warm gray or neutral wall tend to be more inviting than something that is white or stark. Community spaces should have accenting colors that would draw people to the space.

Choosing Lighting for Space

  • While natural light is the best, in most spaces it is not possible to have this. Task lighting is essential in the kitchen and bathroom, while ambient lighting is the best in the living room
  • It’s important to look at the colors of your wall paint sample illuminated in the intended space. Lighter colors reflect more light which make a room feel bigger, while darker colors do the opposite.

Utilizing Universal Design

  • Universal design is designing a space or product that everyone can use. Principals of this include:
    • Simple and intuitive
      • Smart controls are easy to use and understand
    • Low physical effort
      • Easy to push lever handles for doors and faucets
    • Size and space
      • Having a large kitchen so it’s easy to get around

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