Cosmopolitan's 10 Small Décor Changes to Freshen Up Your Room!

Need new ideas to freshen up your space, but don't want to give space an entire makeover? Helin Jung from Cosmopolitan has compiled the top 10 tiny changes that you can make for big results:

1. Making your Bed

    Feel like you accomplished in the morning while making your room tidy - two birds with one stone! 

    2. Cleaning up after yourself

      Cleaning up your space frequently will not only make it tidy after but also leave less work in the long run. 

      3. Bringing in a plant

        Adding a plant to your space helps bring in some natural feeling to your space. It also adds clean oxygen to your space. 

        4. Adding a mirror

        Placing a mirror in your space allows a room to appear larger because it allows light to bounce around a room. 

        5. Hanging some wall art 

        Wall art will not only cover barren walls but also allows you to express yourself. 

        6. Changing up your lighting scheme

        Adding a table and floor lamps in addition to your overhead lighting allows you to adequately cover your space with light. 

        7. Rearranging furniture layout 

        Moving your furniture allows you to see your space in a different way - you may find that you like your new arrangement better! 

        8. Putting down a rug 

        A rug adds warmth, decoration, and creates a more homely feel.

        9. Accessorizing a surface 

        Like hanging wall art, accessorizing a surface allows you to fill in empty spaces while also showing off your own style. 

        10. Tossing a throw pillow on it

        Pillows can be added to any seat to make it more inviting. The many designs and aesthetics of pillows allow you to add them to any space. 

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